Tuesday, 25 December 2012

Second Christmas Update 2012

VHS (Italian PAL versions)
Anno 2053: La grande fuga 5€
Creepshow 2 5€
La creatura 5€
Four rooms 5€

I racconti della cripta: Il cavaliere del male 8€
La casa 3 - Ghost house 8€
Il soffio del diavolo 8€
Illusione infernale 8€
Body bags - Corpi estranei 8€
Earth force 8€
2035: Mutazione immortale 8€
Prototype 8€
La casa 7 8€
Creature del male 8€
La mano assassina 8€

UFO Distruggete base Luna 10€
UFO Annientate Shado, uccidete Straker... stop 10€

Sergio Leone - C'era una volta il west 6€
Sergio Leone - Il buono il brutto il cattivo 6€

View the complete list here: http://lammerda.blogspot.it/p/shop.html

First Christmas Update 2012

Attrito - triste opera itinerante 4€
Beef Conspiracy - Hung Drawn and Quarter Poundered 5€
Muculords - Lethal Laxative Power 2€
Split: 6 ways to put your shit out (Cannibe / Orifice / Prrot / Rectal Cumshot / Grumo / Devoured by Vermin) 3€
Split: Da grind (Disaster / Elysium / Sickbag / Desecrator) 3€
Split: Decrypt / Stump - Armageddon Anthems / ATotal Piece of Shit 3€

Penis Enlargement - Cannibal Lollocaust
Sposa in Alto Mare - Canti Liturgici
ShitFuckingShit - Grnuloma Inguinale
Split: Gelo / Sposa in Alto Mare - We don't like your face
Split: Necrocannibalistic Vomitorium / Compost
Split: ShitFuckingShit / Putrid Cock Purulence
Split: Sposa in Alto Mare / Turronizer / Ebola / Hippy Crack (pink tape)
Split: Cannibe / Alchemy of Sickness

View the complete list here: http://lammerda.blogspot.it/p/shop.html

Friday, 9 November 2012

Trieste Noise Fest Vol1

Scaricando questa compilation e lasciando un'offerta contribuirai a finanziare la prima edizione del Trieste Noise Fest, festival noise autoprodotto ed autogestito che ha lo scopo di dare visibilità a generi musicali estremi e sperimentali che troppo spesso rimangono nascosti e vengono sottovalutati dalla massa.

La città di Trieste rappresenta perfettamente questo controsenso di realtà esistenti ma nascoste che fanno fatica a venire allo scoperto anche a causa della mancanza di spazi adeguati alla sperimentazione musicale. Abbiamo deciso perciò di unire questi spiriti di innovazione e di organizzare un evento che aiuti il pubblico locale a scoprire diverse sonorità e diversi modi di fare e vivere la musica, anche con il supporto di artisti provenienti da altre città.

Un contributo anche minimo potrà fare la differenza per la riuscita dell'evento, perciò chiediamo a tutti di dare un piccolo aiuto per la nascita di una scena musicale degna di tale nome.

Un sentito ringraziamento va anche alle band che hanno deciso di partecipare alla compilation pur non potendo prendere parte all'evento.


We are raising funds to organise the first festival of extreme music in Trieste. A free offer will be well accepted, but if you don't want to contribute with money you can just download the compilation for free and spread the word, that would be very helpful too.

Friday, 22 June 2012

It's growing, it's noisy, it's ours.

We are so proud of it that we can't help sharing the news with you all.

As you may know if you have been following us in the last months, we have hired a noise band from Trieste whose members want to remain anonymous. But they're providing some good stuff and we want to help them share their work, so take a look at their bandcamp profile and consider giving those guys (or girls, who knows?) a couple of euros if you like their songs.

Their oldest work is probably the most different, combining drone with a bit of noise but if you want to experience the real pain in you ears try with the most recent ones: Piste 01 and Piste 02.

Saturday, 26 May 2012

Please come out of Indonesia!

If you want to listen to some Indonesian brutal stuff check our friend's production at Narcotica, that really kicks ass. The band's name is Damage Project and this is their first EP.

Here's a preview, more info below.

You can find Narcotica on Facebook and Google+.

Friday, 27 April 2012

Purulent Vagina back in town

As we have just discovered, Puss Grind legend Purulent Vagina is back in action and ready to smash your ears and brains! According to the band press office, the leader suffered a long period of depression due to both his "hate attitude" towrds the world and his drug dependency.

Welcome back PV!

But now, putting apart all those issues, Purulent Vagina has done e comeback and we are here to help them, showing our support and willing to spread their music.

Saturday, 21 April 2012

From Italy with WHAT?

So, I was listening to this compilation, called "From Italy with Love" and let me say... that's pure shit.
Some of the songs are really boring, the tags are often wrong or missing (so that you can't see what you're listening to directly on the player) and the volume goes up and down constantly... If I wasn't writing of Lammerda Records I would totally disapprove, but give it a try if you want to listen to something done the bad way.

Thursday, 19 April 2012

Thanks to you and Fetal Core

First of all, thanks to every one of you who is supporting us, we are receiving a lot of requests to take part in our next compilation and of course people willing to buy it as soon as it's ready. Also thanks to those who simply read our blog or are our fans on facebook, you guys mean a lot to us.

As many of you are asking about this, I'll write down a little description of what Fetal Core means.

As you may know, the term was invented by us, Lammerda Records, when listening to the first recordings of the first band who signed with us. I am talking about ThisAge0.

Here it is, the first Fetal Core band.

So, what makes Fetal Core different from other musical genres? Is it something in the music style or in the content? Actually, it is both. The music could easily remind a classic grindcore or noise grind, but with injections of black metal and growl / screaming and also pitched voices.
Regarding the contents of the lyrics, they go from frustration of a miserable life to extreme hate towards the society, but also with a perspective to the inner spirit of the composer, just like an abandoned child crying. The fetus inside the artist is the little child asking for help and at the same time refusing it, because it comes from the hand that tortured him.

Some others minor projects followed the stream of Fetal Core but soon gave up as they couldn't reach the perfection in the genre fixed by Disagio Maximo, as stated by DIOhrrea, the main disciple of Fetal Core-gurus ThisAge0.

We also have an interview (only available in Italian) with Duke, one of the two members of ThisAge0, explaining what is their point of view and a bit of the story of the band.

Wednesday, 11 April 2012

&035; The Art of War

A concept album showing the strength of the human race, the power to destroy and annihilate, to torture and kill, without mercy, without remorse. Another album full of hate for the world, from the Noise Collective &035; from Trieste

Friday, 6 April 2012

&035; Piste 02

Another great production from the Noise scene of Trieste. &035; are evolving their sound in a very interesting way.

Monday, 2 April 2012

&035; Piste 01

More and more noise music from Trieste

Thursday, 29 March 2012

&035; ((()))

Another work from the anonymous noise band from Trieste.
Very painful.

Saturday, 24 March 2012

ITG Records: Grinding Teeth compilation

Some grind bands make me feel like every second is an endless agony. Try this IGT Records' compilation Grinding Teeth to understand what I mean. In a good way, of course.

News: Merzbow European Tour 2012

As our friends and followers should know, our label's aim is to spread the worst music all around the world. Indeed, we are specialised in noise and grind related genres (take a look at our compilations vol.1 & vol.2 to understand what I mean).

Talking about noise, who doesn't know Merzbow? Everyone should, as he is the biggest living noise musician.
Lammerda Records will be in Bologna next 9 April to sell and exchange CDs and to get smashed by Molestia Auricularum, Bologna Violenta and Merzbow at XM24!

Don't miss the tour or you'll regret it.

ThisAge0: Disagio Maximo

ThisAge0's first album, defining the rules of the newborn fetal core scene.

Purulent Vagina: Horrid Oral Dysentery

Purulent Vagina's demo, dated 2007. Here is where the puss grind genre was born.

Friday, 23 March 2012

Purulent Vagina: Horny Slut Meatfuck

Purulent Vagina's first full-lenght album, mastering the power of puss grind.

Various Artists: Triple Fetus Mastication

Epic 3way split Purulent Vagina / ThisAge0 / Rotten Sperm, showing the true and mighty power of Lammerda Records' main bands and their awesome ability of innovation as proved by the new genres they created: puss grind, fetal core and primordial folk.

Various Artists: Lammerda Compilation Vol 2

Lammerda Compilation Volume 2, including shit / noise / gore / grind bands from all over the world.
Spread the shit, spread the disease!

&035; #;

First EP of the anonimous noise project %035;